The Movement, the Encore Boomer, Privacy Statement & User Agreement

Privacy Statement

The Movement, the Encore Boomer Movement (EBM), a Michigan nonprofit corporation, for educational purposes, maintains,, and as a public service.

The following is the privacy policy regarding these websites.

The Collection and Use of Information
The Movement, the Encore Boomer Movement, does not collect or maintain user information from the websites which it operates. EBM does maintain an account with Google, Inc. and has established Google Webmaster and Google Analytics services in order to analyze web page visitation data and site search terms use. This information is anonymous and no records of any kind are maintained for any purpose other than to improve the user’s website use experience.

Google Analytics typically makes available such information as which browser type the site visitor uses, as well as: language preference, referring site, and the time of each visit, search queries, the visitor's computer or smart phone Internet Protocol (IP) Address general location, e.g. town / city and nation.

Cookies are information files that your web browser places on your computer when you visit a website. EBM does not access other cookies stored on your computer. Google Analytics services does determine the Internet Protocol address assigned by your Internet Service Provider, the type of computer operating system, and the browser that you are using.

EBM collects this information in the aggregate in order to improve access to our content based on our visitors' browsers and operating system types to make our content available to as many users as possible. We do not link the information collected through cookies to a user’s the personal information.

Our websites do link to other websites. When you link to one of these sites, EBM cannot control their use of cookies, therefore, this privacy policy will not apply.

Information Sharing and Disclosure
The Movement, the Encore Boomer Movement, does not collect or share personal user information.

Changes to this Privacy Policy
Encore Boomer Movement has no plans to change this agreement. However, if that were to change for any reanson, Encore Boomer Movement will prominently display on this website any substantial change in this policy and any plan to begin to collect site visitor personal information.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding the Encore Boomer Movement privacy policy and or practices, please contact Encore Boomer Movement by emailing Ronald D. Baker at:

Website Privacy Coordinator
Ronald D. Baker
Website Privacy Coordinator
Encore Boomer Movement
230 Sportsman Rd.
Rotonda West, FL 33947

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User Agreement

If you have any questions about this User Agreement, please contact The Movement, the Encore Boomer Movement. If you do not agree with these terms of this User Agreement, you may not use the site. The Movement, the Encore Boomer Movement reserves the right to change this User Agreement at any time without notice.

Trademark and Copyright
The logo, the logo, the logo and the Encore Boomer Movement logo are trademarks.

Our logo images and site names are copyrighted. All content on the,, and websites are copyrighted and all rights are reserved.

Google Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on
“ To provide website visitors the ability to prevent their data from being used by Google Analytics, we have developed the Google Analytics opt-out browser add-on for the Google Analytics JavaScript (ga.js, analytics.js, dc.js). If you want to opt-out, download and install the add-on for your web browser. The Google Analytics opt-out add-on is designed to be compatible with Chrome, Internet Explorer 8-11, Safari, Firefox and Opera. In order to function, the opt-out add-on must be able to load and execute properly on your browser. For Internet Explorer, 3rd-party cookies must be enabled. Learn more about about the opt-out and how to properly install the browser add-on here.”

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